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Emergency Assistance Grants (One Shot Deals): Changes under COVID-19

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Applicants for a One Shot Deal/Emergency Grant for rent arrears are no longer required to apply for ERAP to be eligible for a one shot deal. However, if a household applied for ERAP before 11/14/2021, they must wait for a determination before HRA can provide assistance for the arrears.

For information on ERAP, refer to COVID-19 Resources, Housing Programs & Services, Rent Relief: Under COVID-19.

Emergency assistance is available for rent arrears, utility arrears or any other type of emergency need. Eligibility requirements for Emergency Assistance grants remain the same. However, the application process and program requirements have been modified under COVID-19. Changes include the ability to apply for emergency assistance grants online via ACCESS HRA and the replacement of in-person interviews with telephone interviews.

If you are a Benefits Plus Online subscriber, for additional information on the emergency assistance programs, refer to

  • Cash Benefits, Emergency Assistance to Families (EAF),
  • Cash Benefits, Emergency Assistance to Adults (EAA), and
  • Cash Benefits, Emergency Safety Net Assistance (ESNA).

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While some households may be protected from evictions, all tenants are still responsible for rent and rent arrears. To learn more about eviction protections for tenants, please refer to COVID-19 Resources, Housing Programs & Services, Eviction Moratorium.

Changes in the Application Procedures

The application process for an emergency assistance grant is the same process as those applying for Cash Assistance, go to

How COVID-19 Cash Aid Impacts Emergency Assistance Grants

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