AIDS Health Insurance Program (AHIP)


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New York State established the AIDS Health Insurance Program (AHIP) in 1991 to assist persons with AIDS or HIV-related disease maintain their health insurance coverage after loss or reduction of employment.


In New York City, AHIP is administered by the Human Resources Administration (HRA) through its Medicaid program. On the state level it is administered by the NYS Department of Health.


AHIP is funded by Medicaid with state and local funds. There is no federal participation.

Summary of AHIP

AHIP pays for an eligible individual’s health insurance premiums. It does not cover out-of-pocket expenses such as co-payments or deductibles. Individuals must have AIDS or an HIV-related disease, as determined by the AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health, meet the citizenship/immigrant requirements of the Medicaid program, be residents of New York State, have some form of health insurance in place at the time they apply for AHIP and be eligible to continue their group health insurance coverage or convert it to a private plan, and have a household’s gross income less than 185% of the federal poverty level. There is no resource test for AHIP. Applicants should fill out a regular Medicaid application, write AHIP on top of the application, and submit it to the local Medicaid center.