Bureau of Eligibility Verification (BEV) Resuming Operations

Published on January, 24 2023 by Leslie Bailey
Beginning February 2023, BEV will resume their operations and conduct investigative interviews over the phone. Prior to the pandemic, the BEV review included an interview at the BEV office with all adults listed on the application and, if needed, a home visit. However, throughout the public health emergency, BEV paused their operations.Only certain Cash Assistance applicant [...]

The NY Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit

Published on January, 23 2023 by Leslie Bailey
NY Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit (HTRC) is a one-year tax credit program for eligible homeowners. The amount of the credit is between $250 and $350 and will be available through 2023. To be eligible, homeowners must be: Eligible for the 2022 School Tax Relief (STAR) credit or exemption,Make less than $250,000 a year (based on federal [...]

Certain Taxpayers Will See a Decrease in Tax Credits for the 2022 Tax Season

Published on January, 23 2023
The lapse of the American Rescue Plan Act pulled back benefits for many tax programs including the child tax credit (CTC), child & dependent care credit (CDCC) and the earned income tax credit (EITC). These programs will revert back to the benefits and income guidelines available prior to the Act.The IRS has posted some key items [...]

Premium Tax Credit (PTC)

Published on January, 23 2023 by Leslie Bailey
The premium tax credit (PTC) assists eligible households by lowering the amount of their health insurance premium when they purchase a Qualified Health Plan on the marketplace (NY State of Health). The PTC offsets the amount of the health plan’s premium in the form of a tax credit. The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 [...]