The Benefits Plus Learning Center

As the only program of its kind, the Benefits Plus Learning Center was created to address the myriad difficulties NYC residents face when navigating the complicated public benefits/housing system. Staffed by experienced benefit/housing specialists, the Learning Center provides intensive education services on federal, state and NYC's public benefits/housing system to social service professionals who serve vulnerable population groups. Through its online resource manual, Benefits Plus Online, training courses, consultation services, and benefit tools, the Learning Center equips these professionals to help clients apply for and access benefits and housing programs.

Benefits Plus Online

Benefits Plus Online is the premier comprehensive, searchable resource manual on over 80 federal, state, and NYC benefit & housing programs for social workers and social service professionals. Updated periodically throughout the year, it offers timely information on different federal, state and city public benefit and housing programs. It is the “go to” resource manual for professionals serving the low income, immigrants, elderly, disconnected youth and individuals with disabilities in New York City.

Training Courses

For nearly 25 years the Benefits Plus Learning Center has offered high quality training opportunities to 1,000 professionals from over 250 community based organizations annually across NYC. Experienced trainers equip social service professionals to effectively navigate public benefit and housing programs. By providing practical knowledge, advocacy skills, and government contacts, the Learning Center trains the professional to address the challenges clients face in accessing benefits.

The Community Service Society

The Community Service Society (CSS) is a 176 year old institution whose mission is to promote policies and create programs that advance the economic security of low and moderate income New Yorkers. One such effort was the launch of the Benefits Plus Learning Center (BPLC) in September 1994. CSS’s goal was to increase access to public benefits for low-income New Yorkers to help them forge a pathway out of poverty by creating a unique program that educates the professionals that serve these vulnerable populations. Studies show there is a critical need for knowledgeable professionals who can address the barriers low-income families face when accessing public benefits. In response, CSS created BPLC, which provides intensive education and resources for such professionals on government public benefits and housing systems. The Learning Center partners with social service organizations throughout NYC to ensure that professionals on the front lines have the resources they need to serve their clients more effectively.

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