NYS Program for Senior Homeowners Increases Money and Time to Complete Home Repairs

Published on August, 3 2022 by Yvonne Peña
NYS Homes and Community Renewal’s Residential Emergency Services to Offer Repairs to the Elderly (RESTORE) program provides financial assistance for senior homeowners to make repairs that allow them to continue living independently in their homes. Governor Hochul signed legislation in August 2022 increasing the July-August 2022 Page 6 Benefits Plus E-Newsletter amount of time to complete [...]

Additional Protections for Unrepresented Parties in Housing Court

Published on July, 12 2022 by Yvonne Peña
Earlier this year, a change to the NYS Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law took effect giving unrepresented parties (landlords or tenants) protections when agreeing to a Stipulation of Settlement (commonly known as a stipulation, or an agreement between landlords and tenants) in all housing court cases.The Law now requires that all housing court judges ask [...]