COVID-19 Chapters are Updated

Published on February, 1 2023 by Leslie Bailey
Since April 2020, the Benefits Plus Learning Center has been current on the changes to policy and procedures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the height of the pandemic there were many federal and state waivers to provide greater flexibility in the application process for cash benefit programs. However, many of these waivers have [...]


Published on January, 29 2023 by Yvonne Peña
New York State’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) closed its application portal on January 20, 2023 at 9:00pm (EST). This means that the State is no longer accepting ERAP applications. Applications that were submitted before the closing of the portal will be processed in the order received in accordance to program rules. Applications of households with [...]

Summary of 2022 Changes to NYC’s FHEPS & CityFHEPS

Published on January, 4 2023 by Yvonne Peña
In 2022, NYC Department of Social Services’ (DSS) made major changes to rental subsidy programs, CityFHEPS and FHEPS. Below is a summary of these changes, which include increasing the maximum rental amount, establishing a new method to determine the subsidy amount, and enacting a rent reasonableness test. Increased Maximum Rent AmountsThe maximum rent amounts for both [...]

NYS Program for Senior Homeowners Increases Money and Time to Complete Home Repairs

Published on August, 3 2022 by Yvonne Peña
NYS Homes and Community Renewal’s Residential Emergency Services to Offer Repairs to the Elderly (RESTORE) program provides financial assistance for senior homeowners to make repairs that allow them to continue living independently in their homes. Governor Hochul signed legislation in August 2022 increasing the July-August 2022 Page 6 Benefits Plus E-Newsletter amount of time to complete [...]