Changes to the Cash Assistance Program

Published on November, 5 2022 by Leslie Bailey

The following changes to the Cash Assistance program were implemented on October 1, 2022:

  • Elimination of the 185% Standard of Need Test and Federal Poverty Level Test. Countable income must be below the net income test or Standard of Need test, see for the levels in NYC.
  • Changes in earned income deductions:
    • All households who have received CA for at least one of the immediately preceding four months, are entitled to an earned income disregard of 50% of their earned income. Previously it was only households with dependent children.
    • A work expense deduction of $150 for each individual who is working. This was increased from $90.
    • Note: For households who are eligible for both the 50% earned income disregard and the work expense deduction, the 50% will be applied first followed by the expense deduction.
  • Changes in the resource limits
    • Applicant households $2,500
    • Applicant households with a member aged 60 and over $3,750
    • All CA recipient households $10,000
  • Application time frame - the time frame to determine eligibility will be 30 days for TANF and SNA applicants.

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