Bureau of Eligibility Verification (BEV) Resuming Operations

Published on January, 24 2023 by Leslie Bailey

Beginning February 2023, BEV will resume their operations and conduct investigative interviews over the phone. Prior to the pandemic, the BEV review included an interview at the BEV office with all adults listed on the application and, if needed, a home visit. However, throughout the public health emergency, BEV paused their operations.

Only certain Cash Assistance applicant households are referred to BEV. Households that are referred for investigation must cooperate with the referral. Those who do not comply may be denied benefits.

During the Cash Assistance eligibility interview, applicants will be informed of the date and time (two-hour window) of when to expect the BEV investigator’s call. The local Benefits Access Center (BAC) will also mail the applicant a BEV referral notice which should include the date and time of the telephone interview. If the applicant does not answer the call on the investigator's first attempt, BEV will make a second call attempt. During the telephone interview, the BEV investigator will review certain items captured on the household's application.