​Essential Plan – Continuous Coverage begins June 2023

Published on May, 25 2023 by Michelle Berney

Beginning in late June 2023, Essential Plan enrollees will have 12 months of continuous coverage, even if they experience a change in income or household size. While all who have health insurance through the NY State of Health/Marketplace are required to update their income during their coverage period, those with Essential Plan will now maintain coverage for a full 12-months. A change in income may result in a change in one’s Essential Plan cost-sharing level, or a transfer to Medicaid coverage; but they will not lose health insurance during the 12-month period solely due to increased income.

Essential Plan offers health insurance coverage to New Yorkers ages 19-64 who are not eligible for Medicaid or any other health insurance. Individuals apply for coverage through the NY State of Health/Marketplace and receive their coverage through an HMO.